• Sumo Wrestling – Lego Robotic style

    One of my favourite things about teaching at Ivanhoe is the opportunity to teach using different technologies and give students the opportunity to learn something new while having fun. The Year 9 Games and Robotics course allows this to happen in some very exciting ways. For the moment, I’d like you to think to think… Continue Reading

  • Café Culture

    The following post is a student recount about our Year 9 Café Culture program. This Out of School program has definitely been the most enjoyable program that Ivanhoe Grammar School has offered to us during the 2015 year. We all feel extremely privileged for the experience that we have been given. On the first day… Continue Reading

  • Year 9 Media Studies

    If you were charged with creating an original advertising campaign for a hair restoration product, what would you do?  What about an energy drink or a weight loss supplement?  Or the campaign that has floored many an advertising guru, a tourism campaign for Australia.  As part of the Year 9 Media Studies course, students were… Continue Reading

  • Year 9 at University

    I wish every staff member could visit us at La Trobe University when one of the Year  9 programs are on. Those that do, come away in awe of what is happening. 50+ year 9 students listening to lectures conducted by Professors, specialists in Cancer research, Nanotechnology, Malaria, Onchocerciasis ( River Blindness – bet you’ve never… Continue Reading