• The Learning Well

    What could the Ivanhoe classroom look like in the year 2020? This question was posed to leadership last year by our then Deputy Principal and now Principal Elect, Gerard Foley.  The year was chosen as it was the year that the next batch of Year 7 students would be graduating at Ivanhoe.  The task of… Continue Reading

  • Adults as learners – Teacher Tinker Lab

    “Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play” ~ Henri Matisse Creativity and curiosity are two things that teachers look for in their students. We strive to find ways for our students to engage with the content we present and share ideas creatively. We… Continue Reading

  • Teachmeet Ivanhoe

    According to TeachMeet.net, a Teachmeet is defined as a: “Meeting/un-conference where teachers share good practice, practical ideas and personal insights into teaching with technology.  All participants are encouraged to be ready to volunteer an idea, a tool or a website that they have delivered in their classroom.” Teachmeets are designed to provide teachers a platform… Continue Reading

  • Do you suffer from pedagogy fatigue?

    It’s tempting to treat the use of technology in education like a fad, especially when we feel overrun by new pedagogy. Learning theory shifts often and my cynical side wonders how many theorists are justifying their occupations or, even worse, just selling a product. We’ve certainly had some considerable flops over the past few decades.… Continue Reading