• Using Maths Pathway with Year 7

    This year at IGS we decided to totally revamp the way we teach mathematics in Year 7. The decision for this came about as we were unsatisfied with the current Year 7 program, which tended to focus on skill development, and was a “one-size-fits-all” course for all students, regardless of their experience of mathematics at… Continue Reading

  • Microsoft OneNote for Education

    18 months ago I went in search of a way to gather and arrange my teaching resources and materials in an electronic format to allow for greater flexibility in delivering these to my students.  The answer I found was Microsoft OneNote.  This program has allowed me to gather, organise and distill information as a digital… Continue Reading

  • Do you suffer from pedagogy fatigue?

    It’s tempting to treat the use of technology in education like a fad, especially when we feel overrun by new pedagogy. Learning theory shifts often and my cynical side wonders how many theorists are justifying their occupations or, even worse, just selling a product. We’ve certainly had some considerable flops over the past few decades.… Continue Reading