• Year 4 Coding

    Adrian Parke, Year 4 teacher at Buckley House, shares his experience with coding: All I can remember about computers at secondary school was floppy disks and a room dedicated to IT, housing a class set of massive screens and monitors. We have come a long way over the past 20 (odd) years. Computers are now… Continue Reading

  • Coderspace

    Coderspace is a program developed by Ivanhoe alumni Heath Gilham.  Below is a reflection from one of the attendees and Year 5 Digital Leader, Kiki. Over the term two holidays, five students (including myself) went to a holiday program run at the school called Coderspace. The program was run to teach us how to do… Continue Reading

  • Students on the road

    Last week the Digital Leaders went for a day out to St Joesph’s Primary School in Hawthorn to tell them what our program was like and what kind of things we do! Overall we had loads of fun and enjoyed it a lot. We showed them lots of different apps and equipment that we use… Continue Reading

  • Adults as learners – Teacher Tinker Lab

    “Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play” ~ Henri Matisse Creativity and curiosity are two things that teachers look for in their students. We strive to find ways for our students to engage with the content we present and share ideas creatively. We… Continue Reading

  • Blogging in Year 1 at Buckley House

    At Buckley House, the Year 1 teachers have begun trialing a blog designed for parents to participate in their child’s learning. The blog is developing a sense of connectedness between the classroom and home. It is one of ways used by the Year 1 teachers to highlight learning experiences and provide information about up-coming events,… Continue Reading

  • Zoom: Flattening the walls of the classroom

    It is a busy life. We work and teach in a perpetually time poor environment. We all have deadlines to meet, meetings to attend and colleagues and students to support. It is a common problem that we often need to be in two places at once or sometimes be unable to physically attend sessions and… Continue Reading