Coderspace is a program developed by Ivanhoe alumni Heath Gilham.  Below is a reflection from one of the attendees and Year 5 Digital Leader, Kiki.

Over the term two holidays, five students (including myself) went to a holiday program run at the school called Coderspace. The program was run to teach us how to do the many steps of game design. The program was filled with nothing but fun and education.

In the first day, we became familiar with the technology and learnt a few simple codes like how to make our main character always active and how to make our character jump and move forward on demand.  Our task was to make a game like the popular game Flappy bird in the three day time. We got to make the first level of our game using different  types of blocks and characters. By the end of the day, we all had a rough idea of what our game would be like at the end of the three days.

We had two very nice teachers to take us through all of the tasks including the fun games and puzzles at recess and lunch. At times the instructors would give us little challenges for us to solve ourselves. Sometimes we were asked to code a new program and at other times we would just figure out a program ourselves and get to present it to the class. In my case, I figured out how to make it so the game would reset when you touch the “GAME OVER” screen and replay the game.

With all the tricks Coderspace taught us we will be able to make many more games in the future. A few little extra trick they showed were how to make a “BOSS” level, how to add in coins and how to make portals that take you to the next level in the game. I think it was so much fun to learn how to design different levels and create characters.

Coderspace always  provided a fun and interactive learning environment that everyone felt safe in. The program was by far one of the best holiday programs I’ve been to in my  life and I can’t wait to go again next holidays.

By Kiki Hansen Year 5

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