Sumo Wrestling – Lego Robotic style

One of my favourite things about teaching at Ivanhoe is the opportunity to teach using different technologies and give students the opportunity to learn something new while having fun. The Year 9 Games and Robotics course allows this to happen in some very exciting ways. For the moment, I’d like you to think to think about combining the ancient Japanese sport of Sumo wrestling with Lego. This is the concept behind the Robotics component of this course.

Students are encouraged to look at what inputs a robot can have and the responses that it can have. Then, armed with this knowledge, they are asked to design, build and program their own Sumo warrior to battle in a round robin competition against other robots in the class.  Then, as if this wasn’t enough for them, some students designed and 3D printed their own pieces to attach to the robot!

Some students excelled at the design and building, others excelled at the programming but all got into the spirit of the event and had a go at getting their robot to progress through the tournament as far as they could.

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