On the last Thursday and Friday of the school holidays, Ivanhoe played host to the TeachTechPlay conference.  The TeachTechPlay conference, designed by teachers for teachers, was two exhilarating days of professional learning, sharing and networking.  The conference showcased innovative use of technology that can impact on learning for all.  Visitors from as far as Hong Kong, the USA, the UK and New Zealand converged on the Ridgeway campus to hear international keynotes Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) and Mark Anderson (@ictevangelist) as well as Australia’s own Ryan Trainor (@ryanftrainor) share their stories on redesigning education.  The conference kicked off with Ivanhoe’s Principal Gerard Foley (@gfoleyivanhoe) challenging conference delegates to use technology to disrupt education, to challenge the status quo.

Alice Keeler opened the conference with an engaging keynote that challenged delegates to harness technology’s power to make our life easier and to create more time for relationship building with our students.

One of the highlights of the conference was definitely the level of access to the keynotes and presenters.  It allowed everyone to continue conversations, share ideas and just hang out.  The Middle Years building brilliantly enabled this, with conference sessions located on each of the three levels.  The quality of the sessions offered was second to none.  Many sessions overflowed the room and due to the power of the schedule, delegates went along to another great session instead.  There were too many highlights from the sessions to even begin to capture the great learning but you can click on the curated Flipboard links below to see a few highlights.


Ryan Trainor was the closing keynote on Day 1 and what a way to finish the first day.  Ryan is changing Higher Education for many industries through his company Rupublica.  Through initiatives such as BSchool and BeautyEDU, Ryan is working to bridge the gap between industry and post school education.  Ryan believes all children have a superpower and that we should be designing learning experiences that make them want to go to school.

Day 2 began with #CoffeeEDU at 7am at Mr. Peebles and there was a huge crowd there to enjoy a hot brew and reflect on a jam packed day one.


Mark Anderson launched into Day 2 with a drive and passion for transformative learning that is second to none.  Mark is an absolute wealth of knowledge in the ICT realm, especially in the space of effective use in the classroom.  He is also a massive advocate for authentic student voice and action.  The role of students at the conference perfectly accompanied this.  Students in Year 7 Multimedia created individual 3D keepsakes for each delegate’s showbag with the purpose being to give teachers a reason to introduce themselves to other teachers.  You can read more about the details of this here or see the impact the keepsakes had here.  The Ivanhoe Digital Leaders were also present at the conference and it was their duty to document the learning of each day through video.  The Year 6 Digital Leaders used Touchcast to complete recounts of the day, as well as to interview attendees.  The Year 7 Digital Leaders spent the conference capturing footage for a student keynote, titled “From one learner to another”.  The video was designed to show teachers what students see when they see their teachers learning.  Keep posted for a feature on the TeachTechPlay students, they were just absolutely brilliant!


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