Digital Learning in Japanese

In Year 5, the students researched some traditions involved with celebrating the Japanese New Year. Students chose a topic at random and were asked to research on the tradition. I sent them an email with the relevant links and they needed to read the websites and answer five questions. The information gathered was then presented on an A4 poster. The following week the posters were swapped with the other class and they peer assessed the posters. I created questions using the Socrative Teachers website so they could answer the questions at their own pace. The students logged into the Socrative student website and as they read each question on the website they looked for the answers on the poster to give their own assessment of the work.

When the students sign in they use their own name so I can print off an Excel spreadsheet of the way each student assessed someone else’s work. I can also log into Socrative teacher at any time and the information that the students have entered will be on the website.

Kathy Cheng (Cheng Sensei)
Primary Japanese Teacher


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