TeachMeet and TeachTechPlay

Ivanhoe will be hosting two exciting professional learning opportunities in the next month.  On March 3, Ivanhoe will host educators from across Victoria for a TeachMeet. The TeachMeet is all about professional sharing and networking and as a movement will celebrate its tenth year in existence this year. The TeachMeet structure is growing internally as a platform for staff to share ideas, resources and practice.  The low key format and shortness of the sessions allows for multiple people to share and for a large range of ideas to be showcased.  The TeachMeet provides the perfect lead in for the second exciting professional learning event.

On April 7 & 8, Ivanhoe will the inaugural TeachTechPlay conference.  TeachTechPlay is a monthly web show run by teachers for teachers and is designed to share and showcase great tools, resources and ideas.  TeachTechPlay has a huge following amongst the education community and this has led to the development of their first conference.  The lineup for the two days is absolutely stellar.  With keynotes and speakers from the US, UK, NZ and Australia, the two days promises to provide tremendous learning and inspiration.  Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler) is the headline keynote and the conference will be her first visit down under.  Alice is a bestselling author and highly sought after keynote speaker.  Her website alone gets 20,000 hits a day.  Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) and Ryan Trainor round out the stellar keynote lineup and will provide tremendous insight into the area of education redefinition.  As well as these amazing educators, Tim Kitchen from Adobe, Hamish Curry and Tom Barrett from NoTosh, Suan Yeo from Google, Travis Smith and Trent Ray from Microsoft and the list goes on.  Check out the conference website for more information.

TeachTechPlay brochure 2016

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