Night of the Notables

The Night of the Notables is a personalised research project for Year 8 Humanities and English students.  Each student chooses a person of historical note to research and represent.  This night is a highlight for all Year 8 students and below is a beautiful poem from Angelina Sevastopoulos to give you a further insight.

The Night of the Notables

On the Night of the Notables,

The school came to life.

People from the 1800’s,

Came back on that Thursday night.


The Middle Years Centre was changed,

Into a hall of history.

But where all of the students went,

Was left an unanswered mystery.


The notables taught in the night,

Their world, their stories, their past.

From Elvis to Emily Bronte,

Every notable had a blast.


As the night came to a close,

The notables faded away.

All of the students returned,

With memories that will stay.


A poem by Angelina Sevastopoulos, Year 8

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