Student TeachMeet

On the 14th October Mia, Joel & Carey presented some of the Digital Leader’s educational toys to the teachers. Mia presented a Makey Makey foil piano, Joel presented the OSMO and Carey presented a coding application called Python. It was very challenging to stand up in front of a bunch of teachers and explain how to use it! It was overwhelming to get so much positive feedback from all the teachers and staff at Buckley House. This made us all feel very happy and made us all feel that we all did a very good job performing in front of them.

Mia (Year 5 Digital Leader) – Makey Makey

 The Makey Makey is a circuit board that allows you to turn anything into a key. For example, we turned a banana into a space bar, by connecting one of the alligator clips to the banana, as well as the Makey Makey itself. As well as that, we had to plug the Makey Makey into a computer to make it work. This is a saying from the inventors of the Makey Makey, “We believe that everyone is an inventor”, and that is why they created the Makey Makey. I also believe in this saying, and that is why I presented this at the TeachMeet. All the teachers thought that this would be a good learning tool for all students.

 Joel (Year 5 Digital Leader) – OSMO

The OSMO is a learning tool that connects to the on the top of your iPad camera and uses a reflector to view what you are putting down in front of your iPad. The apps you download on the Apple app store use your camera to view the letter tiles provided in the kit or the paper you have in front of you. In OSMO there are 3 kits and 2 apps that don’t require a kit. Words is one of the kits that comes with the OSMO. In Words you can create words that match the pictures on the screen. You can play alone or with others. Tangram is another kit. Tangram allows you to make puzzles shown on the screen with the puzzle pieces provided. Once a tile is put in front of the screen the reflector recognises it and it shows up on the screen. Numbers is another feature. In Numbers you lay down the number tiles provided to match the number on the screen. You can unlock different levels and play with different games. This helps your ability to create multiple ways to solve one problem. Masterpiece is a drawing app that allows you to draw whatever is on the screen by reflecting it onto your page.

 Carey (Year 5 Digital Leader) – Python Coding

Python is a great programming language tailored for complete beginners right through to experts. Python is easy to write and understand, so it is quite easy to debug. Debugging is when you filter through the code and check for any errors. Python lets you create elaborate programs without too much effort, make interactive games, quizzes, and simulations, simple interactive animations, and allows you to insert photos and videos as backgrounds or objects in games or presentations. Students can create quizzes and games for other students. Teachers can use programs such as the tests and assessment tools and students can create simulations that act like interactive labeled diagrams or graphs. To get started, you just need to download the latest version of Python from

Joel presenting OSMO to Buckley House staff

Joel presenting OSMO to Buckley House staff

Written by the Buckley House Digital Leaders

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