Café Culture

The following post is a student recount about our Year 9 Café Culture program.

This Out of School program has definitely been the most enjoyable program that Ivanhoe Grammar School has offered to us during the 2015 year. We all feel extremely privileged for the experience that we have been given. On the first day of Café Culture we started the day by brainstorming ideas for the café that we would be running on Thursday the 30th of October and Friday the 31st of October. We decided to do an Italian themed café named Café Per Andare. After deciding our café theme we then began to organise what groups we would be put into. We had a choice of being in Marketing (mentored by Head of Marketing at IGS), Food, Business (using Cashtivity) and the Decoration group. On the second day of Café culture we were told to make our own way to the city where we had to complete a few activities around the city. These activities included going to various locations, answering questions on how the café was presented and food was delivered. The next activity that we had to do was to find a café and take a “foodie selfie” of us eating or drinking. On day three, we started off by doing more planning for the café and then we went to the Bitter Sweet café in East Ivanhoe. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful food and drinks that could be selected from their very diverse menu. The owner of the restaurant spoke to us about how to run a successful café and how to overcome the obstacles that you will encounter.  One example of this is when new café’s open up in the same street, creating competition for your regular customers. On Thursday we did more planning for Café Per Andare. Friday was a very busy day we started with Mr Chapman giving as a lesson on how, where and who makes it possible for us to drink coffee on a daily basis at low prices, it was very interesting. For lunch, we ventured up to a very fancy restaurant in Ivanhoe called Vasko. The food was delicious, especially the parmigiana.

The second week of the program is all about executing our ideas- setting up the café and running the events that we planned, namely a Food Fiesta for parents and staff café. There will also be barista and tea brewing training for the students to engage in.

Walter and the Year 9 Café Culture team


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