Digital Leaders TV

The Digital Leadership position at Ivanhoe allows students in Year 5 and 6 on both campuses the opportunity to have to a prominent voice in the digital landscape at Ivanhoe.  The Digital Leaders have a responsibility to support teachers and students in the effective use of ICT and a social responsibility to share.  One of the key projects that students have been working on is the development of Digital Leaders TV or as we call it DLTV for short (sorry Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria).  The Digital Leaders at each campus tackled the idea in different ways with the Plenty campus Digital Leaders looking at reviewing technology tools for education and the Buckley House Digital Leaders looking at their Makey Makey projects.  Each Digital Leader had a responsibility throughout the process.  Some designed the intro music, others directed the project, while others were responsible for a DLTV segment.  Each Digital Leader played their part.  The segments were all created and constructed using Touchcast on the iPad, with a little help from iMovie and Fantashow.  We hope you enjoy!

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