Year 9 at University

IIMG_7732 wish every staff member could visit us at La Trobe University when one of the Year  9 programs are on. Those that do, come away in awe of what is happening. 50+ year 9 students listening to lectures conducted by Professors, specialists in Cancer research, Nanotechnology, Malaria, Onchocerciasis ( River Blindness – bet you’ve never even heard of that one!) and a variety of other areas. Our students  select a topic that they  inspires them and then begin an independent research project based on a genuine desire to learn. The kids throw themselves into it, do follow up interviews with academics, find other resources to assist, find out what is going on in the University in terms of research. They manage their own time, sort out their breaks, work time etc. We never mention the “H” word and yet. many of them do hours of Homework, out of sheer interest and desire to learn more. It is a working example of exactly what you read in all those journals and articles on the theories about Middle Years schooling.  Sometimes we look around and think, My Goodness, we don’t even need to be here, they are all so entrenched and engaged, learning about things they ‘want to learn more about’

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