Learner Profile Series – Jordan

Welcome to the first in a series of Ivanhoe Learner Profiles.  This series highlights exceptional learning and learners and shares their story.  The first learner featured is Jordan, a Year 12 student from The Ridgeway Campus.  As part of a Year 12 supplement, Jordan is completing a Latrobe University subject called Engineering Practice.  Jordan has so far completed Semester 1 which has involved the building and programming of a line following robot.

How did you find the experience?  What did you learn?

It was an incredibly fun experience, especially working with first Year Uni students during the lab sessions to build and program the robot.  We started with the basics of programming an Arduino and then moved on to our major project of using servo motors and photo diodes to build a robot and program it to follow a line.  We also had to create rules that allowed it to turn around, stay on the track or move back on track.

How was learning at University different?

I left school on Mondays early and really had to manage my own time. The lectures were available online but I really felt that I needed to do extra to stay on top of things. There was a lot of time management needed.  I also found it a lot more hands on. The theory was all about how to do the practical.

What were the challenges?

The hardest thing was to coordinate the photo diode and pulse with modulation although I did feel like I was prepared thanks to Year 12 IT.


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