Adults as learners – Teacher Tinker Lab

“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play” ~ Henri Matisse

Creativity and curiosity are two things that teachers look for in their students. We strive to find ways for our students to engage with the content we present and share ideas creatively. We look to inspire the curiosity of our students and work with them to make sense of our world.

We long to hear the fever pitch excitement of students discovering something new, eagerly sharing their new knowledge with their peers. We are often filled with a sense of pride when our students forget where they are as they loudly and enthusiastically beckon others to see what they have accomplished.

As adults, do we give ourselves time to play or willingly share our excitement of discovery? How do we spark our imaginations in order to share the excitement of learning and discovery?

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On Tuesday 10th August, the staff of Buckley House participated in the first Teacher Tinker Lab. It was an open session that provided all teachers with the chance to meet together, create and play. Some of the Buckley House Digital Leaders also attended the morning to share their ideas and act as the teachers during the session.

A variety of technology was presented such as Little Bits, Google Cardboard, Makey Makeys, Ozobots and a number of coding apps that are available at Ivanhoe Grammar School for use in the classrooms.

As staff arrived with their sense of adventure, a buzz of excited play filtered throughout the room as they worked together to explore possibilities. Conversation flooded the learning space. A group in one corner engaged in a grand discussion trying to work out how a buzzer might be built with only a few tiny pieces of equipment. In other corners, roars of laughter disrupted the focus as a tiny robot followed the intended instructions and squeals of delight interrupted thought as staff moved around on a virtual rollercoaster.

It was a great morning of fun, play and learning for all who attended. Everyone left the session filled with wonder and notions of possibilities. Many imaginations were reawakened and our creative and curious staff skipped off to their classrooms, their minds spinning with new ideas, directions and questions of how to use this new learning with their students.


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