Teachmeet Ivanhoe

According to TeachMeet.net, a Teachmeet is defined as a:

“Meeting/un-conference where teachers share good practice, practical ideas and personal insights into teaching with technology.  All participants are encouraged to be ready to volunteer an idea, a tool or a website that they have delivered in their classroom.”

Teachmeets are designed to provide teachers a platform to share pedagogy that has worked in their classrooms and is now a format that staff at Buckley House and Plenty Primary are using to grow the pedagogical conversation.  The structure of a Teachmeet is simple.  Staff have the option of presenting their idea over a two minute time slot or a seven minute time slot.  The shorter presentation slots allow for a multitude of staff to present and for the audience to engage in a punchy and dynamic learning experience.  Taking the time to actively listen to great stories from colleagues is inspiring and engaging and allows for the conversation to continue long after the session is over.


Year 1 teacher Elisa Carroll sharing the power of iMovie to capture student stories

On Tuesday July 21, the Plenty Primary staff launched the first ever Ivanhoe Teachmeet and staff spent time engaging with stories about using video conferencing for learning and virtual excursions, problem solving using Osmo and the iPad and about using Touchcast to create a real television studio experience for the classroom.  The staff at Buckley House held their first TeachMeet on Monday July 28 and were treated to presentations on computational thinking and robots, capturing mathematical thinking and reasoning using Screenchomp, Outlook and organisation and Scootle as a resource in the classroom.

TeachMeets as a format for professional learning and dialogue will continue to grow at Ivanhoe as it fosters contextual expertise and collegiality.

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