Virtual Excursion for Year 3 students

On March 24th, the Year 3 students at the Plenty campus participated in an online virtual excursion to learn about the book ‘A Beach Called Gallipoli’ by Jackie French.  This was the first time a class in our school had attempted this type of activity and we are proud to say it was a big success! Our Year 3 class was one of four classes from around Australia who were connected to one another via a video link. The session was led by an expert from Harper Collins Publishing who discussed the visual literacy and background of the book. The students loved that they could interact in real-time with the presenter through their video camera and TV display. They could also watch students from the other participating schools ask and answer questions. Year 3 teacher Simone Cracknell said she could definitely see the potential of this type of technology in classrooms. The students found it very worthwhile to be able to communicate and collaborate their learning with other children across Australia. We look forward to more virtual excursions at Plenty in the near future!

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