‘Try, try, try again, til you succeed at last’

Image Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/asXkhk

What do I want as a teacher for my students? To love learning To ask questions unselfconsciously To achieve great insights To push through the hard stuff To ‘try, try, try again until they succeed at last!

Yet sometimes I feel frustrated.  My best efforts don’t move some students!  I encourage but some students just won’t do the hard work in order to achieve I make learning ‘real rich and relevant’, I flip my classroom I blend my learning but still some students just don’t respond I encourage, reward, beg, cajole but sometimes……… I feel at my wit’s end

Is Growth Mindset the answer? I have been reading a lot about Growth Mindset lately.  It is a simple idea heralded by Standford University psychologist Carol Dweck after many years researching the factors involved in achievement and success.  Simply put she says that if you have a Fixed Mindset you believe that you were born with a set quota of intelligence, ability and talent and that try as you might you are predestined to only reach a certain level.  Think IQ – this has been our traditional method of ascertaining potential.  A Growth Mindset on the other hand, turns this thinking on its head and is based on the fact that recent research has shown us that because of the brain’s plasticity, effort is the starting point.  Ability, intelligence, achievement can and will grow with perseverance commitment, the love of learning, resilience, self-talk and the belief in one’s self are essential   Teaching students, parents and teachers about Growth Mindset enhances and increases passion, motivation, productivity and improved results.  

Grit and Determination…….what it can Achieve!   This short clip encapsulates what a Growth Mindset can achieve.  Shaun is the son of a very good friend of mine.   I hope you find this as inspirational as I do.

Renata Rowe
Deputy Head of Plenty Campus

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