Welcome to Ivanhoe Learn

Ivanhoe Learn is a collection of teaching and learning stories from Ivanhoe Grammar School. It is “us telling our story” as George Couros challenges in this post. The driving element behind the blog is the growth of professional dialogue through documentation, reflection and anecdote. It is about providing a platform for the many voices in our school and empowering all to put their hand up and share. In his ground breaking book Stratosphere, Michael Fullan states that “transparency is not voyeurism. It’s participating with others to create and assess new things”. This space is a public space for both internal and external transparency. Acting as a lighthouse for innovative teaching and learning stories, the blog is designed to connect teachers within our school with great practices happening within the walls of our school and to share and connect outside of our school.  It aligns with David Price’s SOFT model that he proposes in his book “Open: How we’ll work, live and learn in the future” where educators share, are open, have freedom and are trusted.


As well as the voices of our teachers, students will be also be sharing learning, experiences and feedback on this blog.  So we look forward to sharing our stories with you and we look forward to connecting with you.

Steve Brophy
Director of ICT & eLearning

Latest Comments

  1. Savvygirl5 says:

    Impressive initiative. Looking forward to observing and participating where beneficial.


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